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      Half Day: How to Keep Your Giving Day Donors
      June 21, 2018
      8:30 - Noon

      This workshop has been approved for 3.5 CFRE credits

      All our workshops will be held at Olympic College, Poulsbo Campus, 1000 Olympic Way, PoulsboRooms 119 and 120.

      You came, you saw, you marketed! You got donors to give, and now you are exhausted...what next? The marvelous Mazarine Treyz will help you find a way to make all your hard work last. 

      Your giving day comes once a year, but once that big push is over, are you seeing any people giving long term? Generally, donor retention numbers are 40% or less. That means most donors walk out the door after their first gift. We need to turn this around. Do you want to learn how to keep your giving day donors? Come and take this workshop!

      In this workshop you'll learn:

      • What keeping your giving day donors can do for you
      • How to make your giving day donors feel special
      • 3 emails to help you keep your giving day donors
      • Surveys to keep your giving day donors
      • Thanking Donors: A Quick System that Works
      • Creating a Campaign to Get Old Donors Engaged
      • How to Give Offline Experiences for your donors
      • Evaluating Your Stewardship Over Time

      Mazarine Treyz helps nonprofits grow better leaders.

      She is the author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising, and CEO of Wild Woman Fundraising, a national fundraising training company. Her organization runs two virtual conferences per year, one on nonprofit leadership and one on fundraising careers. In addition, she trains people with webinars, in-person workshops, and 10+ e-courses.

      Her website is a popular resource with 50,000 monthly readers. Ms. Treyz has co-founded a nonprofit and worked in increasingly responsible fundraising roles for 10 years. She’s trained over 12,000 people from 2011-2017 and helped nonprofits raise millions more. She specializes in nonprofit leadership, fundraising careers, writing fundraising plans, direct mail, e-newsletters, and copy for online fundraising.

      Half Day: How to Write the Best Year End Appeal EVER!
      September 13, 2018
      8:30 - Noon

      All our workshops will be held at Olympic College, Poulsbo Campus, 1000 Olympic Way, PoulsboRooms 119 and 120.

      Donors genuinely want to give during the holiday season, in part because of the overall feelings of generosity and good cheer. Now you can learn how to maximize the year-end fundraising season by following a guaranteed formula for success. Organizations spend years crafting, testing and improving their appeal letters to raise the most money. Learn from their example and have your best year-end ever. Jim Shapiro, co-founders of The Better Fundraising Co., will lead a valuable discussion about year-end giving, specifically how to craft a year-end appeal letter that honors your donors and raises more money.

      You will learn:

      • How to prepare for writing your appeal.
      • What your appeal should and should not contain.
      • Details including how to design your appeal, when to mail it, and how to segment your donor base appropriately.

      Join fundraising superstars Jim Shapiro and Steven Screen as they help you organize, plan, and execute one of the most important events of the year.

      Half Day: Community Engagement Strategy
      November 15, 2018
      8:30 - Noon

      All our workshops will be held at Olympic College, Poulsbo Campus, 1000 Olympic Way, PoulsboRooms 119 and 120.

      You need the community and they need you. But how do you connect in a meaningful way so that everyone gets their needs met? Join the engaging and practical Allison Carney as she helps you set a path to effective community engagement.

      Completed Workshops

      Full Day: SPiN (Strategic Planning in Nonprofits)
      March 22, 2018
      9:00 - 3:00

      Morning treats and coffee, lunch, and afternoon snacks provided

      This workshop has been approved for 5 CFRE credits.

      All our workshops will be held at Olympic College, Poulsbo Campus, 1000 Olympic Way, PoulsboRooms 119 and 120.

      A workshop designed to give your board and staff the tools and confidence they need to develop a strong plan that guides your organization towards achieving its mission. When you start out on a trip, you know your destination. You have maps and routes picked out and a trip itinerary. Do you know where your nonprofit is going? Do you know if you have enough fuel to get there? Will you know when you have arrived?

      Strategic planning is all about aligning your people, partnerships, and resources around a plan to achieve your mission. It invites conversation and prioritization on ways to make a difference while ensuring the health and sustainability of your organization. Strategic Planning in Nonprofits (SPiN), created by Washington Nonprofits, was designed to make strategic planning accessible and manageable for you, your board, and your staff.  

      This workshop is designed to set you up for planning success. You will:

      • learn how to work through the six stages of the strategic planning process,
      • be able to assess the current state of your organization,
      • know how to improve your mission statement,
      • be able to name one strategic priority for your organization,
      • have an action plan of at least two next steps to take towards developing a strategic plan, and
      • have the resources, worksheets, and processes to help you get there! 

      As an added perk, attending the workshop qualifies you for an additional consultation with a nonprofit planning professional to support planning efforts back at your organization.

      Kim Rakow Bernier, M.P.A.

      Kim is a nonprofit professional and educator with over twenty years of experience and leadership in building the capacity of organizations. Kim has led nonprofit planning efforts from both inside and out of multiple organizations; most recently at a global grantmaking nonprofit in her role as Executive Director, and as the chair of the strategic planning committee in a leadership development and environmental restoration organization.

      Currently, Kim provides organizational development consulting services to nonprofits, partnering on strategy formation and planning, process facilitation, measurement and evaluation, and capacity building projects to increase program impact and achieve results. Kim has a Master of Public Administration degree and a Certificate in International Development Policy and Management from the Evans School of Public Affairs.