Did you miss the 20% KCNE Membership Discount?

No need for pouty face, there's still time to save!

If you missed the 20% KCNE discounts, don't worry, we are going to give 10% off of KCNE membership dues for the first 10 first-time members who sign up between now and February 1, 2018!*

KCNE (Kitsap Center For Nonprofit Excellence) has been around since 2015 - come join us and get the nonprofit training you are looking for.

Already a member and just need to renew? Don't feel left out! There's no discount, but check your snail mail... we've got a special little "thank you" headed your way.

Why Be A Member?   Sure, you can just attend the workshops on a Pay-As-You-Go basis...we won't judge. But why not become a member and get yourself a deal? Check out the possibilities:

  • Organizational Members can save hundreds of dollars because they can send as many people as they want to as many workshops as they want for one low price.
  • Individual Members effectively get the full-day workshop for free - a $125 value - compared to someone who pays for all workshops individually.
  • Membership dues are the same amount they have always been.

But I Don't Have Time!  One of the best things about KCNE workshops is that they actually give you more time. That's right. It is frustrating to struggle over challenges like how to keep giving day donors, write a strategic plan, connect with the community, But when you are able to hear fresh ideas, time-tested solutions, and brainstorm with colleagues, you'll walk away with time-saving tools and be a much happier, more efficient nonprofit superstar!

**if you were a member prior to 2017 and did NOT renew in 2017, you still qualify for the discount.