Lunch and Learn

KCNE is happy to announce that we are now hosting a quarterly Lunch and Learn!

Next Lunch and Learn Takes Place July 16, 2018 from 12:00-1:00 at United Way Kitsap in Bremerton

What is it?  Deep-dive discussions on issues regularly faced by nonprofit fundraising and development leadership.

What isn't it? The Lunch and Learn sessions are not how-tos, mentorship meetings, basic skills training, or basic trouble-shooting sessions. If you have some questions about basic planning or management, feel free to contact us for resources or to register for a KCNE workshop.

Who will lead it? KCNE steering committee members, all of whom have served as Executive and/or Development Directors in nonprofits for many years, will lead the discussions.

Who should attend? The discussions will center on issues commonly faced by nonprofit development leadership, so those who are in directorship or executive-level positions are invited to attend.

How will it work? It is a discussion – not a presentation. The discussion leaders will provide a brief overview of a topic and then facilitate a high-level discussion amongst the participants. So feel free to provide answers as well as questions! It is also brown-bag, so bring something to munch on that makes you happy.

When is it? Lunch and Learns will take place between noon and 1pm on the following dates:

  • January 22:  Topic is Gift Acceptance Policies
  • April 16: The April 16 Lunch and Learn has been cancelled due to scheduling difficulty.
  • July 16:  Topic TBD by participants of April 16 Lunch and Learn
  • October 15:  Topic TBD by participants of July 16 Lunch and Learn

Where is it? United Way Kitsap, Bremerton

How can I participate? Just show up! You don’t have to register, pay, or do any special tricks.