Dan Murphy has spent more than 30 years as a reporter, writer and editor for business publishers in New York City, Cleveland, Chicago, Phoenix and Kansas City. He served as editor-in-chief on magazines in fields as diverse as family medical practice, food processing, meatpacking and commercial embroidery (yes, there’s a magazine for that).

 Prior to his current position as a Grants Specialist + Everett Community College, his professional milestones include the launch of the industry’s first online infohub Meatingplace.com in 1996; publication of his 2007 book “Meat of the Matter;” and two years in Washington, D.C., as a Vice President for the American Meat Institute. He has presented dozens of seminars, speeches and communications training workshops for producer groups, business owners, food processors and trade associations across North America and Europe and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest, where he consults with marketers and small businesses to help them focus their messaging and advertising — and helps secure huge sacks of cash to support EvCC’s student success and faculty development programs.