KCNE recognizes the huge potential of nonprofits to solve complex social issues, and we want to EDUCATE nonprofit professionals to help them fulfill this potential.  We provide consulting, training, assistance and community forums to DEVELOP the non-profit sector and FACILITATE success.  We understand the importance of building a network of peers and engaging with partners.  Our programs and events provide a forum through which nonprofits can COLLABORATE, exchanging ideas and information.  As KCNE grows, we want to help ADVISE nonprofit organizations in Kitsap, acting as a trusted confidant for professionals and board members, providing consultation, and solving issues.  Ultimately, we want to INSPIRE transformation and social innovation in Kitsap – having a deep and lasting impact for future generations.

We Want to Help Nonprofits:

  • Strengthen leadership at all levels
  • Grow their capacity to have deep positive impacts on the Kitsap community
  • Strengthen board engagement and governance
  • Improve financial sustainability
  • Enhance their management and operational processes and procedures
  • Develop key performance indicators and metrics to better evaluate and measure impact
  • Build knowledge, confidence, and enthusiasm in nonprofit professionals and board members

We Believe:

  • Quality trainings, networking opportunities, and leadership growth create healthier nonprofits.
  • Healthy nonprofits lead to healthier communities.
  • Through strategic collaboration, nonprofits can achieve more and better serve their clients.
  • When nonprofits manage themselves effectively, they have a greater impact.
  • Nonprofit collaboration is key to solving complex social issues.
  • Diversity is a community asset.
  • In the capability and tenacity of Kitsap Nonprofits to develop capacity to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.